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In pictures: Iraq prison tunnels
One of the tunnels found at Camp Bucca in Iraq
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US guards have found two tunnels dug by prisoners seeking to escape from the maximum-security Camp Bucca in Iraq.
Entrance to a tunnel
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One of the tunnels stretched 200m (600ft) away from the cell blocks, beyond the compound's security fences.
A makeshift tool
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Makeshift tools formed from bits of wood, metal and plastic were used to dig the tunnels.
A US official examines the entrance to one of the tunnels
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Military officials said the tunnels were large enough for a man to crawl through.
A digging tool made from a water container
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Most of the digging is thought to have gone on at night, with some of the excavated earth thrown into latrines.
Detainee tents in the Camp Bucca compound
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The entrance to the longest tunnel was concealed under the wooden floor of a detainee tent.
Shadow of a US military official above one of the tunnels
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The US army said no prisoners had been lost because they were waiting for poor visibility before making their escape.
Camp Bucca
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The US-run detention centre near the southern town of Umm Qasr is the largest in country, with more than 6,000 inmates.


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