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Life in pictures: Prince Rainier III
Prince Rainier III in 1975
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Prince Rainier was one of the world's longest serving monarchs, acceding to Monaco's throne in 1949.
Marriage of Rainier to Grace Kelly in 1956
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He put the principality on the map with his glamorous marriage to Hollywood film star Grace Kelly in 1956.
Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly in 1956
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The couple tied the knot during a lavish ceremony in Monaco's St Nicholas Cathedral.
Rainier family photograph
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The prince's seemingly fairy-tale lifestyle ended when his wife died in a car accident in Monaco in 1982.
Rainier with children Princess Caroline, left, Princess Stephanie and Prince Albert
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His dignity did much to preserve the image of Monaco despite his daughters becoming the obsession of the paparazzi.
Princess Stephanie and Prince Albert
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Considered a wild child, Princess Stephanie had three children - some out of wedlock - and then married an acrobat.
Prince Albert leaving the clinic
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Rainier changed the law so that, if his son Albert remained childless, Caroline and Stephanie could follow their brother.


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