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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 March, 2005, 17:46 GMT
In pictures: Kyrgyzstan protests
Anti-government protester in Bishkek
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Protests in Kyrgyzstan have been snowballing, with thousands taking to the streets and opposition supporters seizing government buildings in some towns around the country.
A protester in police helmet stands with other protesters outside government headquarters in Bishkek
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Opposition supporters seize the government's headquarters and state television in the capital Bishkek.
A protester holds an official sign which had been removed and reads: Kyrgyz President Administration
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There are chaotic scenes as protesters storm the presidential compound after clashing with riot police surrounding it.
A wounded opposition protester gestures as others enter government headquarters
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In the end, police offer little resistance as the crowds flood into the building.
An opposition supporter waves from a window of the presidential palace in Bishkek
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Some opposition supporters later appear at windows, waving and throwing out documents.
Kyrgyz opposition supporters inspect the office of President Askar Akayev
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Protesters occupy the presidential building, as President Askar Akayev is nowhere to be seen.
Kyrgyz opposition leader Felix Kulov
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Prominent opposition leader Felix Kulov makes a televised appeal for calm after being freed from jail.
An opposition supporter prepares to break a tile during the protests.
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What began as a modest rally grew at lighting speed during the course of Thursday.
Kyrgyz opposition supporters shout in front of the presidential palace
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The protests began after last month's elections, but people are also angry about poverty, unemployment and corruption.
A man shouts anti-President Askar Akayev slogans in Bishkek
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The opposition has appeared united so far in calling for the president to resign and for new elections.


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