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In pictures: Ramadan in France

Evry Mosque

Evry, south of Paris, is home to about 15,000 Muslims - about a third of its population - and features a proud mosque.

Prayers at Evry

During Ramadan, up to 1,500 faithful attend prayers throughout the day.

Khalil Merroun with faithful in his office

In between sessions, the head of the mosque, Khalil Merroun, speaks to members of his congregation in his office.

Evry mosque

Evry's beautiful mosque was built with money from Saudi and Moroccan sources, as well as local benefactors

Faithful break the fast at Evry Mosque

At dusk, people flock to the basement to break the fast together. North-African dishes are on the menu.

Khalil Merroun in the kitchen

After dining among the faithful, mosque director Khalil Merroun helps with cleaning up.

Khalil Merroun preaches

He then returns to the prayer hall to address the faithful in both Arabic and French - tonight's sermon is about tolerance.


After Mr Merroun is done, the mosque's imam takes over and leads the last of the day's five prayer session.


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