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Hurricane Wilma: Your pictures

Hurricane Wilma in Sanford, Florida

Readers in Florida have been sending their pictures of Hurricane Wilma passing through the state. Allan Caley sent this image of Lake Munroe, Sanford on Monday morning.

Wilma in Weston, Florida

David Eyley captured Wilma in Weston, Florida. "This photograph was taken through a bedroom window that had the storm shutters ripped off during the night," he said.

Hurricane Wilma passing through Miami.

'Tigre' sent this image of the hurricane in Miami.


"A quick look around the neighbourhood revealed trees on all the streets, and this house has lost its fence." (Pic: 'Tigre')


Some roads are completely blocked by debris, like this one. (Pic: 'Tigre).

Dade County, Florida

Andres Pantoja captured the ominous clouds over Dade County, Florida, as Wilma struck.

Dade County, Florida

Dark clouds were followed by massive winds and driving rain. (Pic: Andres Pantoja)

Flooding in Fort Myers, Florida.

Peter Dewitt photographed the flooded street outside his apartment in Fort Myers, Florida.

Fort Myers, Florida.

"Here the storm really started to blow around 0530 on Monday, with the most damage done after the eye of the storm had blown over around 0730." (Pic: Peter Dewitt)

Fort Myers, Florida

"I usually park my car right in the spot where this tree fell. Glad I didn't last night!" (Pic: Peter Dewitt)

Fort Myers, Florida

Other cars suffered minor damage from falling trees. (Pic: Peter Dewitt). If you have any pictures of Hurricane Wilma you can send them to yourpics@bbc.co.uk.

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