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Welcome to Britain?
'The Aliens Act at Work', cartoon from 1906, copyright: Jewish Museum, London
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An exhibition in London marking the centenary of the Aliens Act examines immigration to the UK over the past century. The 1905 Act was the first occasion outside war time that immigration had been restricted.
Chinese New Year celebrations, 2005, copyright: Ian Lillicrapp
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The curator of the show at the Jewish Museum, Sarah Jillings, says the Act marked a major shift: "It defined immigration as a problem which had to be dealt with by law and set the template for the development of immigration law over the 20th century."
Jewish immigrants wait to be seen at  the Immigration Court Room, Blackwell Pier, 1906, copyright: Jewish Museum
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The 'Closing the Door?' exhibition looks at the experiences of eastern European Jews targeted by the Aliens Act and those of other immigrant communities in Britain over the past 100 years.
Bus conductress Agatha Hart at Stockwell Garage, 1962, copyright: London's Transport Museum (c) Transport for London
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The contribution made by generations of immigrants to the UK's economy and society is highlighted.
'No Room at the Inn' - cartoon by Leslie Illingworth, 1961, copyright: Daily Mail/Centre for the Study of Cartoons and Caricature, University of Kent
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Curator Sarah Jillings says a running theme is public opposition to new arrivals: "There's a strong pattern of continuity in the negative response to immigration."
Ugandan Asians arrive in the UK, 1972, copyright: Refugee Council
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The exhibition features case studies of individuals who have settled in the UK, sometimes under difficult circumstances.
Self-portrait by Chris Ofili
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Documents, textiles and musical instruments are among the exhibits as well as sculptures and paintings by artists such as Turner Prize winner Chris Ofili.
Singh family, Manchester, 1980s, copyright: Ujjal Singh
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The exhibition which runs until 21 August is accompanied by a series of public talks and debates on immigration.

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