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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 March, 2005, 12:52 GMT
In pictures: US school shooting
Ambulance outside the school
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Nine people were killed and several wounded when an armed schoolboy went on the rampage. Most of the killings took place at the Red Lake high school in Minnesota.
Family and friends of victims wait at the local hospital
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Families and friends of the victims waited anxiously for news at the local hospital.
FBI agent co-ordinates the investigation at the school
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The FBI has been leading the investigation into the killings, which took place on a Native American reservation.
Local police turn away school bus
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Eyewitnesses say the Red Lake reservation has been locked down by police.
School superintendent comforts teacher
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Pupils and staff were devastated by the attack.
Red Lake tribal leaders at the state Capitol building in St Paul
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It has also shocked the wider community of the Chippewa tribe.
Reggie Graves, Red Lake student
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Students such as Reggie Graves have been telling the media of their ordeal.

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