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Last Updated: Sunday, 23 October 2005, 17:07 GMT 18:07 UK
In pictures: Birmingham clashes

Youths square up to riot police

Clashes broke out in the Lozells area of Birmingham on Saturday after a public meeting at a local church. The violence is thought to be linked to an alleged sexual assault earlier in the week.

Riot police

Riot police were called out to the area after youths carrying baseball bats and other weapons smashed windows and attacked cars, including an ambulance.


Some shops and takeaways were looted by youths in hooded tops, who dived over counters and raided tills while the owners looked on helplessly.

Tent at death scene

One man was fatally stabbed during the violence, a police officer was shot and property was destroyed.

Burnt-out car

Residents said they were too frightened to leave their homes during the disturbances. On Sunday, police patrolled the damaged streets.

House being repaired

As repairs begin and the debris is cleared, Assistant Chief Constable David Shaw denounced the violence and described a "sense of sorrow" over the attacks.

Smashed window

The violence, said to involve Asian and black youths, was condemned by leaders from both communities, who said in a statement: "We utterly condemn those who are endeavouring to stir up hatred and discord."

Scene in street

With evidence of destruction on the streets, Bishop Joe Aldred from the Council of Black Led-Churches said "extremist elements" in the community seemed intent on using the incident "for their own criminal aims".

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