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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 March, 2005, 11:17 GMT
In pictures: Police storm Manila jail
High security prison near Manila - 14/3/05
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More than 20 inmates in a Philippines prison have been killed after police stormed the building following an attempted break-out involving members of militant Muslim group the Abu Sayyaf.
Injured guard, Manila prison jailbreak - 14/3/05
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At least five people, including three guards, were killed in the initial jailbreak attempt on Monday.
Police snipers in Manila, Philippines -  14/3/05
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A standoff ensued, during which hundreds of snipers and police gathered at the prison.
Policemen negotiate with inmates, Manila - 14/3/05
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Police tried to negotiate the conditions of a surrender, and the inmates at first seemed willing to come to an agreement.
Crowd waits for developments during Manila jail standoff - 14/3/05
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As the standoff continued towards nightfall, a large crowd gathered outside the prison.
Filipino elite commandos - 15/3/05
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Early on Tuesday morning, elite police commandos finally stormed the prison, after a government ultimatum expired.
Filipino police flee from teargas - 14/3/05
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Teargas was fired into the building - police and medics can be seen covering their faces.
Detainees cheer as a fire truck sprays water on them to lessen the effect of tear gas  - 15/3/05
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Water was later sprayed on inmates to ease the effects of the teargas.
Red Cross staff carry a wounded Filipino policeman  - 15/3/05
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At least 20 prisoners were killed, including three senior Abu Sayyaf leaders. Several others were injured.
Detainees waiting to be processed by police - 15/3/05
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Other inmates were rounded up, before being escorted back to their cells.

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