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In pictures: Daniel Craig's career

Daniel Craig in Our Friends in the North

Daniel Craig, who has been announced as the new James Bond, started out in roles including Geordie Peacock in the critically acclaimed BBC drama Our Friends in the North.

Christopher Ecclestone, Gina McKee, Mark Strong and Daniel Craig in Our Friends in the North

He starred alongside Christopher Ecclestone, Gina McKee and Mark Strong in the 1997 programme.

Daniel Craig as DS Andy McLoughlin

He went on to play DS Andy McLoughlin in the 1997 TV mini-series The Ice House.

Daniel Craig in Love is the Devil

His TV roles have also included George Dyer, the lover of Francis Bacon, in Love is the Devil - a biopic of the painter's life.

Daniel Craig in Archangel

Craig plays maverick academic Fluke Kelso in the BBC adaptation of Robert Harris' Archangel.

Daniel Craig at the premiere for Layer Cake

His recent film credits have included the 2004 British gangster movie Layer Cake, with Sienna Miller.

Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman

Craig's next leading lady will be Nicole Kidman in The Visiting.

Daniel Craig

Craig arrived on a speedboat to be unveiled as the new James Bond in central London on Friday, ending months of speculation.


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