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Iron Lady's 80th birthday party
Baroness Thatcher  arrives at her birthday celebrations
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Former Tory Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher celebrates her 80th birthday with more than 650 guests at a dinner in Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London's Hyde Park.
Margaret Thatcher
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Lady Thatcher appeared frail as she was helped from her car into the hotel, amid the glare of flash bulbs.
Margaret Thatcher meets the Queen
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The Queen, who held hundreds of weekly meetings with Baroness Thatcher during her time in Downing Street, arrives at the party.
Mark Thatcher
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Sir Mark Thatcher is on hand to show support for his mother
Carol Thatcher
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Showbiz stars such as Andrew Lloyd Webber rubbed shoulders with Lady Thatcher's family members, including daughter Carol.
Sir John and Lady Norma Major
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Lady Thatcher's immediate successor as prime minister, Sir John Major, arrives with wife Norma.
Dame Shirley Bassey
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Singer Dame Shirley Bassey adds a dash of glitz to the proceedings.
Joan Collins and her husband
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Joan Collins, star of 1980s TV soap Dynasty, says of Lady Thatcher: "She is the Iron Lady and I want to be just like that when I grow up."
Sandra and Michael Howard
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Outgoing Conservative leader Michael Howard and wife Sandra were invited - as were two of the contenders for his job, David Davis and Liam Fox.
Tony and Cherie Blair
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Prime Minister Tony Blair - like Baroness Thatcher the winner of three general elections - and wife Cherie make a brief appearance.
George Bush
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President Bush congratulated Baroness Thatcher by phone before the festivities got under way.

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