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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 March, 2005, 19:24 GMT
In pictures: French strike
Striking workers protest on the street in Paris, France
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All the main French trade unions have been holding a one-day general strike.
A demonstrator holds a placard during a protest in Paris, France
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Tens of thousands of people protested against a decline in spending power and government welfare and labour reform plans.
Crowds of people try to get onto the metro in Paris, France
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The action severely affected transport systems across the country.
Commuters crowd onto a metro train in Paris, France
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Services on Paris' metro varied from line to line, with some running almost as normal while others ran few or no trains.
An empty train station in Paris, France
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Half of the city's TGV high-speed services were cancelled.
OIC members visit Paris' Stade de France stadium
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The strike coincided with a visit by the International Olympic Committee, which is assessing Paris' bid for the 2012 games.
Protestors in Paris, France
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But strike organisers said they backed Paris' bid, with some protesters demonstrating their support.


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