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Last Updated: Friday, 11 March, 2005, 00:24 GMT
Your view of the world: 5-11 March
Sunrise at Paradise Bay, Antarctica.
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Here is our weekly selection of the best photographs sent in by BBC News website users. We start this week with a picture sent in by Soumya Das of sunrise at Paradise Bay, Antarctica.
View from the London Eye
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Kerry Buckley: "A Monday night on the London Eye."
Boy falling off of bobsled.
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Esko Jäntti: "My little son Janoska is seen here sledding down the hill, and occasionally flying, on his brand-new bobsled."
Devotees praying
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Manoj Deka: "Devotees praying on the eve of Sat Puja, in the Brahmaputra, Guwahati Assam."
Mount Saint Helen, Oregon, USA.
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Dawn Hart: "Mount Saint Helen, taken on Monday from Suavie Island, Oregon."
Pelican taking off
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David Hickey: "Here is a picture I took in the Florida Keys of a pelican taking off."
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Yanira Riffo Vasquez: "It was a very cloudy and windy day and a black and white photo translates well the atmosphere around the Stonehenge."
The Old City Hall, Sarajevo
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Dalibor Gracanin: "This is a picture of The Old City Hall, now a library, that was damaged during the Civil War in Bosnia and it still waits to be repaired. The picture was taken by my friend Predrag Krstovic."
Statue of girl with dogs, Chiswick mall, London
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Charles Pamment: "I've never been a camera round my neck type of person, but I've walked past this little girl bounding with her dogs on many occasions, it reminds me of my own sisters and our family dog, now distant memories of days gone by."

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