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In Pictures: Prince Charles in New Zealand
Prince Charles rubbing noses in traditional Maori welcome
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Prince Charles is greeted by Maori elder Whero O Te Rangi Bailey with a traditional "hongi" during a visit to an exhibition of Maori weaving at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.
Maori elders try to fit Prince Charles with a grass skirt
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Later, the prince was presented with a traditional Maori grass skirt and a Kiwi feather cloak.
Prince Charles posing with a Kiwi feather cloak and grass skirt
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Maori elders also gave the prince gifts for Princes William and Harry, as well as fiancee Camilla Parker Bowles.
Prince Charles standing before the guard of honour at Whenuapai Airbase
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The prince also paid a visit to Whenuapai Airbase in Auckland on Wednesday.
Guard of Honour at the Royal New Zealand Air Force Base at Whenuapai
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The guard of honour at the airbase stood to attention for Prince Charles' inspection. He is in the final two days of his New Zealand visit.
Children from Whenuapai School meeting Prince Charles
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Children from Whenuapai School lined up to meet the prince at the airbase.
Prince Charles meeting young people
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The prince, who flies to Fiji on Thursday, also found time to visit young people involved in the Prince's Trust scheme, of which he is patron.
Anti-monarchy protesters gathered outside an Auckland museum
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A reminder that the prince did not have it all his own way. Low-key anti-monarchy protests were a feature of his visit to New Zealand.


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