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In pictures: Beirut protests
A Lebanese pro-Syria protester carries a girl on his shoulders
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Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Lebanon's capital, Beirut, for a rally backing Syria's role in the country.
A banner reading 'Thank you Syria' is put up ahead of a rally in Beirut
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It was organised by Hezbollah, a powerful political and military organisation of Shia Muslims allied to Syria.
Demonstrators in Beirut stab a poster of US President George W Bush
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Demonstrators protested against involvement by the US and the UN in Middle East affairs.
Protesters wave a picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during a pro-Syria rally
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The rally came in the face of mounting international pressure on Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon.
Hundreds of thousands of pro-Syria demonstrators rally in Beirut
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The crowds were so large they spilled out of Riad al-Solh Square into surrounding streets.
Lebanese soldiers and police separate pro-Syria and opposition protesters
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Lebanese soldiers were in place to keep pro-Syrian protesters apart from a rival opposition rally in nearby Martyrs Square.
A pro-Syrian demonstrator waves a gun amid a sea of banners
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Some feared outbreaks of violence if protesters from the two demonstrations clashed.
A Lebanese soldier and sniffer dog check a sewer for explosives
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Security forces had carried out intensive operations to secure downtown Beirut before the rallies took place.
Opposition demonstrators carry a banner urging Syria's president to leave
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The opposition rally was one of many since former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed by a car bomb three weeks ago.
Female Lebanese opposition protesters wear sweatshirts showing a map of Lebanon
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The demonstrations have brought together people of all ages, religions and backgrounds on Beirut's streets.


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