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In pictures: Robot racers conquer the desert
Sun rises at the starting line of the Darpa 2005 Grand Challenge robot race
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More than 20 robotic vehicles took part in the gruelling 132-mile (212km) Darpa race across the rough desert and mountain terrain of the Mojave Desert in Nevada on Sunday
Team Cornell's Spider unmanned vehicle
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The aim of the Pentagon-sponsored race was to see if a vehicle could complete the course without a human driver or remote control in less than 10 hours
Team members check a real time animation of the position of TerraMax
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The vehicles were programmed to follow the course using global positioning satellites and inertial navigation, while radar, lasers and cameras helped onboard computers steer around obstacles
Stanford Racing Team's Volkswagen Touareg unmanned vehicle
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Stanford Racing Team's Volkswagen Touareg unmanned vehicle, nicknamed Stanley, was the first vehicle to cross the finish line
Carnegie Mellon University's Red Team H1ghlander vehicle
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Three other racers finished the course, including a customised Hummer from Carnegie Mellon University called H1ghlander
Stanford Racing Team's leaders Sebastian Thrun (left) and Mike Montemerlo (right)
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The Stanford Racing team go home with a cheque for $2m (1.13m), having achieved a technological milestone

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