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Last Updated: Sunday, 6 March, 2005, 16:41 GMT
In pictures: Italy mourns and protests
Rosa Maria Calipari, the wife of intelligence officer Nicola Calipari
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Italy is in mourning for intelligence officer Nicola Calipari, whose body arrived in Rome on Saturday.
Officers carry Mr Calipari's coffin
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Mr Calipari was hit by US gunfire as he shielded journalist Giuliana Sgrena after her release from Iraqi kidnappers.
President Ciampi consoles Mrs Calipari
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The Italian president comforted a disconsolate Mrs Calipari at the airport.
Nicola Calipari
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Mr Calipari's sacrifice has stunned Italy - and renewed debate about Italian troops in Iraq.
Soccer players observe a minute's silence
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Atalanta and AC Milan's football teams observed a minute of silence.
A woman awaits to see Mr Calipari's body lying in state
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Many waited to pay their respects at the Vittoriano monument where Mr Calipari's coffin is lying in state.
Mourners queuing outside the Vittoriano monument
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And long queues formed very quickly as Italians vent their grief.
Mr Calipari's coffin in the Vittoriano monument
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The secret service agent has been given top honours - including a state funeral on Monday.
Italians read about the hostage release in the press
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Many people have been outraged by what they see as a senseless killing by US soldiers.
Demonstrators outside the US embassy in Rome
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On Saturday, demonstrations were held outside the US embassy in Rome.


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