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Your view of the world: 28 Feb-4 Mar
French Alps
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Here is our weekly selection of the best photographs sent in by BBC News website users. We start this week with a picture sent in by Paul O'Connor and taken by fellow skier Martin Pressick at Courchevel in the French Alps.
Transporting a car
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Libor Vojacek: "A picture of daily life in Romania."
View of Finnish archipelago
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John Jordon: "I took this picture from a Viking Line cruise ship crossing the Finnish archipelago."
Snowy field
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Jackie Stirling: "I was driving home to Glenrothes, and the contrast between the dark sky and the snowy field caught my eye. As I stopped to take a shot of it, the sun's rays just broke through the clouds. They were gone in a few seconds."
Skiing in Glencoe
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Iain A Gilroy: "Andy Rae took this picture of me jumping for joy at the fact that there was enough snow for skiing at Glencoe."
Child splashing in puddle
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Gilead Moiseyev: "My friend took this picture of my three-year-old daughter during a very rainy weekend in northern Galilee - unfortunately rather rare nowadays. The rain suddenly stopped and we all went out for a stroll and some pool-splashing fun."
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Carl Matthews: "This picture was taken on a quiet tranquil morning, everything was peaceful and the water so clear. The edge of Glencoe village can be seen in the background across from Loch Leven."
St Lucia beach
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Peter Moore: "This was taken by my sister Tamsin as I take advantage of an empty beach deserted after a storm in St. Lucia."

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