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In pictures: Spotlight on Cruise and Holmes
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise has had a whirlwind year even by his standards. He announced his relationship with actress Katie Holmes in April and now they are expecting a baby. The 16-year age gap raised eyebrows.
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
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Cruise and Holmes then paraded their romance at premieres and events to publicise their movies. Unlike many celebrities both were eager to talk publicly about their relationship but denied it was a publicity stunt.
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
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Holmes' Batman Begins and Cruise's War of the Worlds publicity tours were dominated by their public displays of affection.
Tom Cruise
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Cruise has come in for criticism and ridicule in recent months over his public declarations of love and constant promotion of the Scientology religion, going as far as denouncing Brooke Shields for using drugs to combat post-natal depression.
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
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Two months after it was revealed they were dating, Cruise proposed to Holmes at the Eiffel Tower
Katie Holmes
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Holmes, who rose to fame as angst-ridden teenager Joey in Dawson's Creek, was keen to show off her large diamond engagement ring. She also said she was excited to take on Cruise's Scientology beliefs.
Nicole Kidman
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Cruise's ex-wife Nicole Kidman gave a dignified "I hope he's happy" response when asked about his new relationship. Although her fame rose through her marriage to Cruise, Kidman's career has rocketed since they split in 2001.
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
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Cruise and Holmes are now expecting their first child together. Cruise publicist Lee Anne DeVette, who is his sister, said the couple were excited but would not give details of when the baby was due.

Cruise and Holmes expecting child
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