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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 March, 2005, 16:09 GMT
In Pictures - Geneva Motor Show
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The 75th Geneva Motor Show opens to the public on Thursday, with Renault's Zoe concept car one of the hundreds of new models on display.
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Toyota is gunning for the European market with its new Lexus.
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Skoda's new 'Yeti' concept car is the marque's first venture into the off-road market.
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The Mercedes B-Class goes on sale in Europe this summer.
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The eagerly-awaited Peugeot 1077 was unveiled.
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Fiat has high hopes for its new Croma hatchback.
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The new Maybach 57S will cost about 290,000 on the road.
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Volkswagen's sixth-generation VW Passat is much bigger than its predecessors.
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Carl-Peter Forster, General Motors' Europe president, unveils the new Opel Zafira.
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Ferrari's new 430 Spider is also on display at the show, which closes on 13 March.

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