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In pictures: Central America storm

12 de Abril community, El Salvador

Rescuers in Central America are working against the clock to find survivors, and victims, of landslides and floods.

12 de Abril community, El Salvador

El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have been pounded by days of heavy rains brought by Tropical Storm Stan.

Rescue workers carry the body of one of the members of a family killed in 12 de Abril community

El Salvador was the worst hit, with at least 31 people known to have died. Rescuers fear the death toll will rise.

A woman shows the portrait of her daughter killed in Lourdes Colon, El Salvador

Whole families were wiped out, and children swept away from their parents by the mudslides and flood waters.

A woman cries for a relative killed in 12 de Abril community, El Salvador

Some 300 communities in El Salvador alone are said to have been affected by the flooding.

Father and son abandon their dwelling in Lourdes Colon, El Salvador

The country, already dealing with a volcanic eruption at the weekend that killed two, is having to evacuate thousands.

Two residents leave their homes in Puerto de San Jose, Guatemala

It is a similar story in Guatemala and Honduras, where at least eight people have died.

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