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In pictures: Bush in Slovakia
US President George W Bush greets a crowd in Bratislava, Slovakia
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US President George W Bush addressed a crowd in Slovakia's capital, Bratislava, on the final leg of his European tour.
President Bush addresses the crowd in Bratislava's Hviezdoslavovo Square
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"America stands with you," he said, hailing Slovakia's democratic reforms since the 1989 Velvet Revolution that broke the hold of communism.
President Bush kisses a Slovak woman from the crowd
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Mr Bush then plunged into the crowd amid loud cheers.
Police stand guard between protesters in Bratislava
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Security was tight, as police stood guard to prevent anti-Bush protesters from interrupting the president's speech.
Anti-Bush protesters display their banners and a Bush mask close to the Hviezdoslavovo Square
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Demonstrators, however, used an adjacent venue to make their views known.
Greenpeace activists display a banner near the Bratislava Castle
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Greenpeace activists also urged the US to join the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
US President George W Bush (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (far right) before their talks in Bratislava
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Mr Bush then met Russian President Vladimir Putin for what had been earlier described by some analysts as showdown talks.
US President George W Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the talks in Bratislava
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Mr Bush said afterwards that he and Mr Putin had had "an open and candid exchange of views".



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