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In pictures: Black Victorians
Sarah Forbes Bonetta (Sarah Davies) by Camille Silvy (1862)
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Black Victorians at Manchester Art Gallery explores the presence of black people in 19th Century British art. Sarah Forbes Bonetta - known as The Brighton Princess - features in the exhibition.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The Beloved (The Bride)
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The exhibition features about 100 works, including paintings - such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti's The Beloved - as well as sculpture, prints and photography.
Greenwich Pensioners (1854)
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The works of art on display, such as this one of Greenwich Pensioners (1854), are intended to challenge the view that there were few black people in Britain at the time.
Mademoiselle La La
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Acrobat Mademoiselle La La is one of the many entertainers, churchmen, sportsmen, artists' models and politicians depicted.
Black Boy by William Windus (1844)
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The exhibition is arranged into themes: Artists' Models, Anti-Slavery, Into and Out of Africa, Portraits and Fiction and Fantasy.
Arthur Wharton in Famous Footballers Magazine vol IX 1895
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Arthur Wharton was the first black professional footballer and played for Darlington, Preston North End, Rotherham and Sheffield.
The Secret of England's Greatness by Thomas Jones Barker (1863)
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Works by well-known artists such William Holman Hunt, Edward Burne-Jones and Thomas Jones Barker are on show.
Mary Seacole by Albert Charles Challen (1869)
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Jamaican-born Mary Seacole was a pioneering nurse and heroine of the Crimean War.
John Bourne - A Meeting of Connoisseurs
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The exhibition is jointly organised by Manchester Art Gallery and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
Negro Nurse with White Baby by David Wilkie (1840)
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Black Victorians opens on 1 October and runs until 8 January 2006.

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