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Disabled artist explores the body

Moira Coupe

Moira Coupe was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1991. "All of the images I've ever created come back to my own body," she says. Coupe became aware of the importance of sight and touch when she started to have symptoms.

Moira Coupe's Grounded - showing a blue/grey foot with white toes

"Sometimes bits of my body would disappear completely. At one time I had no knowledge of my leg," says artist Moira Coupe. This work - Grounded - is about no longer feeling symmetrical which people often take for granted.

A detailed monochrome image inspired by human limbs

This detailed piece was also inspired by Moira Coupe's limbs. She used pen, ink and pastels to produce it. Expressing her disability through art helps Coupe to depersonalise it. "I was able to step away from the anguish," she says.

Another monochrome image inspired by the for of a shell

When she was still able to go rambling, Moira Coupe was inspired by the landscape in Dorset. She now uses smaller, natural forms as the basis for her work. This piece uses a shell as a metaphor for the body. "The body being the shell, quite literally."

Photo of a colourful abstract design based on nerve endings

Recently Moira Coupe started using colour and created this work, Sweep, using acrylic and pastel. "There are references here to nerve endings - like an internal landscape." But she says it can also be enjoyed as a sensual, abstract experience.

Photo of a colourful, abstract painting with a sub-aquatic quality

Feel - the title piece of Moira Coupe's exhibition - is about the different sensations experienced by the body. These can range from lively, sensory, tingly to numbness . It can be viewed at Holton Lee in Dorset until 30 October.

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