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In pictures: defying the ban
Hunt in Melton Mowbray
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Hunt supporters - like these following the Quorn hunt in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire - turned out despite the ban on hunting foxes with dogs coming into force.
Pro-hunt supporters gather
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The York and Ainsty Hunt South show their defiance at the ban during one of around 250 hunt gatherings taking place across the country.
A hunt
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Dogs, like these used by the East Kent Hunt, can no longer be used to kill foxes, but they are allowed to follow scent and can be exercised by their hunts.
A huntsman holds up a dead fox
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Two dogs can also be used to flush out foxes to be shot. Here, a member of the South Durham Hunt, near Sedgefield, holds up a dead fox which had been shot.
Police officer monitors a hunt
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As well as anti-blood sport protestors, police were out in force to ensure the new rules were not broken and to prevent clashes between pro and anti campaigners.
Effigy of Tony Blair bitten by dogs
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There was hostility toward the government and here an effigy of Tony Blair was dragged across Easingwold Market Place, as the York and Ainsty South hunt gathered.
Young pro hunt supporter
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Countryside Alliance chief executive Simon Hart rallied supporters - including this girl with the East Kent Hunt - saying the Hunting Act would be dismantled.
Huntsman holds dead fox
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The traditional method of hunting may be history, but the end result is still the same - a dead fox, killed by a gunman rather than a pack of dogs.


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