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In pictures: Hariri funeral
People await the arrival of the ambulance carrying the body of Rafik Hariri outside his Beirut home
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Grief-stricken mourners began gathering outside Mr Hariri's home in the early hours of the morning.
Woman lays flowers at a memorial site outside the Beirut home of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri
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Some laid flowers as a mark of respect to the man many credited with reviving post-war Lebanon.
Mourners escort Hariri's funeral cortege
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Thousands of mourners escorted the funeral cortege as it slowly made its way to the mosque.
Ambulance carrying the body of Rafik Hariri through the streets of Beirut
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An ambulance brought Mr Hariri's body from the hospital to his home, the starting point for the funeral procession.
Druze clerics going to Hariri funeral
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The crowds included many members of the Druze minority, as well as Sunni Muslims and Christians.
Grieving Lebanese touch the ambulance carrying the body of one of Rafik Hariri's bodyguards, also killed in the blast
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Several of Mr Hariri's bodyguards who died in the bombing were buried alongside him.
Mourner displays anti-Syrian placard
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Many Lebanese have accused Syria of involvement in the bombing, a charge Syria has strongly denied.
Workers prepare the graves on land adjacent to Muhammad Amin Mosque
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Plots were hurriedly dug at the Muhammad Amin Mosque, just hours before the bodies were due to be interred.
Hariri's wife, Nazik (r), and sister Bahyah
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Hariri's wife, Nazik, and sister Bahyah, bade an emotional farewell to the man colloquially known as Mr Lebanon.
Nazik Hariri with Jacques Chirac
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Mrs Hariri was comforted by one of the visiting dignitaries, and a close family friend, President Chirac of France.
Muhammad Amin Mosque in Beirut
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The mosque, with its towering minarets, was built by Mr Hariri himself and became his final resting place.
Spectators at Hariri funeral
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Its scaffolding and cranes provided good, if risky, vantage points for spectators among the massive crowds.


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