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In pictures: Lebanon mourns
Post declaring Rafik Hariri a martyr being erected in Lebanese capital Beirut
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The violent death of Rafik Hariri in an explosion on Monday has sent Lebanon into deep shock.
Cars crushed by the force of Monday's blast
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At the scene of the explosion, which apparently targeted Mr Hariri's motorcade as it drove through west Beirut, security forces look for clues.
Saadeddine Hariri, the former prime minister's son, inspects the site
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Saadeddine Hariri, the former prime minister's son, inspects the site in the shadow of one of Lebanon's most famous buildings, the St Georges hotel.
Rescue workers recover a body from rubble near the blast site
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At least 14 people are believed to have been killed. Some of their bodies are still being recovered a day later.
Damaged buildings behind a Lebanese security force member
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Dozens of people were wounded in the massive blast, which sent broken glass and debris over a long distance.
Street cleaner sweeping up the pavement
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The clean-up began swiftly, with workers sweeping shattered tiles from pavements in one of Beirut's most-visited districts.
Mourners outside Hariri's mansion
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Some mourners gather outside Mr Hariri's mansion in the Qoreitim district of west Beirut.
Hariri supporters drive around Beirut with posters of the late former prime minister
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Supporters also make their feelings known throughout the Lebanese capital.
Syrian Vice-President Abdul Halim Khaddam offers his condolences to the Hariri family.
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Inside the Hariri residence a tearful Syrian Vice-President, Abdul Halim Khaddam, offers condolences. Some Lebanese blame Syria for the blast.
Hariri supporters with their hands stained black from burning tyres shout anti-Syrian slogans in Sidon
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Anti-Syrian sentiment is particularly strong in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, Mr Hariri's birthplace.


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