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Last Updated: Monday, 14 February 2005, 19:56 GMT
England's last hare coursing meet

Handlers and greyhounds

The final Waterloo Cup hare coursing event began at Altcar, Merseyside, on Monday.

Anti-blood sports protester

About 200 demonstrators marched to the event many carrying banners and placards.

Coursing supporters heckle protesters

Coursing enthusiasts were kept back by mounted police as they heckled protesters.

Coursing supporters throwing missiles

Spectators threw mud and other missiles at anti-blood sports protesters.

Policeman and hunt supporter

More than 50 officers policed the protest, at least two pro-hunt spectators were arrested.

Spectators at the Waterloo Cup

The final Waterloo Cup is expected to attract more than 10,000 supporters over its three days.

Greyhounds chasing a hare

The event dates back to 1836 and once attracted crowds of 75,000.

Arrests as coursing event starts
14 Feb 05 |  Merseyside

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