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In pictures: Simon Wiesenthal
Simon Wiesenthal (c) with a pack of Boy Scouts he led in Poland, 1923 (Pic: Simon Wiesenthal Center)
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As a young man in Buczacz, Poland, Simon Wiesenthal (centre) led a group of Boy Scouts, only one of whom survived the war. Pic: Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Simon Wiesenthal and his wife Cyla, pictured in 1936 (Pic: Simon Wiesenthal Center)
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He married his wife Cyla in 1936, and lived together in Vienna until her death in 2003. Pic: Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Allied troops liberating the Mauthausen concentration camp in 1945. (Pic: Simon Wiesenthal Center)
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After most of his family died in Nazi death camps, a barely-alive Wiesenthal was liberated from the Mauthausen camp in Austria in 1945. Pic: Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Simon Wiesenthal with photographs of Walter Rauff in New York, 1973
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After the war Wiesenthal dedicated himself to tracking down former Nazis.
Adolf Eichmann is his prison cell in Israel, 1961
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Wiesenthal helped pursue Adolf Eichmann, who was captured, tried and eventually executed in Israel.
Simon Wiesenthal at the Western Wall, Jerusalem (Pic: Simon Wiesenthal Center)
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Although Wiesenthal was not a devout Jew, he often explained his dedication to Nazi-hunting as a service to his people. Pic: Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Simon Wiesenthal receiving the Golden Decoration of Merit, Vienna, 2005
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In 2005 Simon Wiesenthal was awarded the Golden Decoration of Merit by the government of Austria, with whom he often clashed over the years.

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