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Last Updated: Saturday, 12 February, 2005, 12:20 GMT
In pictures: Week of violence in Iraq
An aunt mourns her nephew's death in a Baghdad car bomb on 10/02/05
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Scores of Iraqis have died in a week of attacks. Correspondents say violence is returning to pre-election levels.
A blood stain at the scene of a suicide bombing in Mosul
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On Monday, bomb attacks on police left a total of 25 dead in the cities of Mosul and Baquba.
Iraqi guards scene of Baghdad blast
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At least 21 were killed on Tuesday in a suicide blast at an army recruitment centre in Baghdad.
Car in which journalist was killed in Basra
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On Wednesday a reporter for a US-funded Arabic TV station was gunned down in Iraq's second city of Basra.
Scene of car bomb blast in Baghdad
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Three people died in Thursday's early morning car bomb in Baghdad, as at least eight Iraqi police were killed in a shootout south of the capital.
Grieving relatives outside Baquba hospital
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Relatives of a car bomb victim grieve at a hospital in Baquba following Friday's attack at a mosque in Balad Ruz.
Coffin of JudgeTaha al-Amiri in Basra
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Saturday saw a second assassination in Basra as gunmen kill Judge Taha al-Amiri his way to work.


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