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The way ahead for disability?

Image of triangular warning sign showing a wheelchair user chained to a bus, the caption reads 'stroppy  crips ahead'

Artist Caroline Cardus has put together this exhibition of road signs on a disability theme. This sign was created by a campaigner who used to chain herself to buses.

Photo of sign showing several stick people with the words 'may contain hidden disabilities'

Cardus wanted a collaborative project because "I don't know what it's like to experience impairments I don't have". This one reminds people that some disabilities are not obvious.

Image of an outline of Alison Lapper on a blue circular background

It was the disapproval of midwives that prompted a disabled woman to depict the statue of Alison Lapper on a blue circle - an encouragement to disabled women to have children of their own.

Image of various disability symbols with a caption reading 'disability is not a choice, your attitude is'

Cardus started her art degree with good mobility but finished it as a wheelchair user. "Over time people treated me differently as an artist and as a person."

Sign depicting a jar with coins being dropped into it which reads 'charity workers at large'

For many disabled people, being the recipients of charity is humiliating. They would prefer to have jobs so they can provide for themselves.

Image of two wheelchair users - against a blue circular background - embracing

A blue circular road sign means a positive instruction. This one is a reminder of the importance of the emotional side of life for disabled people.

Image of a wheelchair user being patted on the head with an instruction reading 'no patronising'

Disabled people often complain that others talk down to them. Road signs with a red circular border means something is prohibited and the instruction speaks for itself.

Image of a red triangular warning sign inside which two hands have thumb and forefinger forming a circle - a popular gesture of abuse on the roads

This sign uses gentle humour to remind people that sign language is a normal part of life for many.

Image of a red triangular warning sign with a hand inside giving the thumbs down and a caption reading 'steps'

Campaigners assert that steps and other obstacles turn impairments into disabilities. Recent legislation means that most buildings should eventually have step-free access.

Image of a blue motorway type sign which reminds people that a man was sent to the moon in 1969 but that transport in the UK will not be accessible until 2020

This sign was created by Caroline Cardus herself. The Way Ahead, is at Holton Lee in Dorset until 16 February and is expected to tour the rest of the UK during 2005.


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