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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 September 2005, 15:33 GMT 16:33 UK
In pictures: One day in Afghanistan
Political campaign posters for the forthcoming elections are stuck to the bullet-pocked wall of a building in Kabul
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BBC News spent 13 September examing life in Afghanistan as parliamentary elections approach.
A young girl plays with the washing near her home in Kabul
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Many Afghans are looking to better their standard of living.
Workers sit at the back of a truck on their way to work
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Unemployment is high, while those with jobs often work long hours for low wages.
Returnee Mohammad Khan in his room in a Soviet-built cultural centre in Kabul, now home to dozens of refugees.
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Refugees who have returned to the country also hope the elections will lead to an improvement in their lives.
Nasrin Obaidi, left, and Mariya Rasouly share a booklet during a voter education programme for women held by the Joint Electoral Management Body at the Women's Affairs Ministry in Kabul
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Women are looking to move out of the shadows of Afghan society.
A boy looks through a hole in the roof of a Soviet-built cultural centre in Kabul, now home to dozens of refugees
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And many want their children's chances in life to improve.
A man who lost his leg when he stepped on a landmine walks past war damaged buildings in Kabul
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But the legacy of decades of war is everywhere.
US soldiers near wrecked vehicle after a bomb exploded near a military convoy.
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And attacks by remnants of the former ruling Taleban are on the rise.
Supporters of Qumandan Didar, one of the 21 candidates whose name was struck off the ballot by UN backed election observers for suspected links to armed groups, demonstrate outside the UN headquarters
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Some feel disenfranchised after the banning of their favoured candidates.


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