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In pictures: Afghan village
Soutik, seated, with residents of Asad Khyl
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The BBC's Soutik Biswas has been visiting the Afghan village of Asad Khyl to find out what life is like nearly four years after the Taleban were overthrown.
Village elders
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In the morning, village elders enjoy a cup of tea while meeting in the shade. It does not take long for the searing summer sun to push temperatures to baking.
Village elder with local governor
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The local governor, right, arrives for a visit.
Scene of Asad Khyl village, north of Kabul
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Children gather around the well that villagers clubbed together to build. Villagers say they have received next to no help to rebuild from the government and international community.
Grapes drying
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There is little left of the grape business that used to sustain the village, because the Taleban destroyed vines during the civil war. Here, a small number of grapes are being dried to make raisins.
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The police are never far away. Some were assigned specially to ensure the security of visiting BBC staff.
Haji Abdullah Saleh
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Before long, it is midday and time for village elder Haji Abdullah Saleh to wash up for lunch.
Rahmat Gul spreads some plastic sheeting
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Teacher Rahmat Gul lays out some sheeting...
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... and a spread is laid out, including kebabs, flatbread and salad.
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For dessert, some juicy melon.
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And after lunch, afternoon prayers in the shade of a large tree.
Father and child
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Later, as dusk falls on Asad Khyl, a cheery father plays with his child.


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