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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 February 2005, 19:03 GMT
In pictures: Baghdad blast wall art

French embassy (photo: Roger Hearing/BBC)

The French embassy has a profusion of images, including this rustic scene.

French embassy (photo: Roger Hearing/BBC)

There are also traditional oriental themes of marvellous cities and flying carpets adorning the embassy's walls.

Blast wall art (photo: Roger Hearing/BBC)

Fantasy images are popular with Iraqi artists, with a profusion of doves, symbolising a peace that eludes Iraq today.

Blast wall art (photo: Roger Hearing/BBC)

Mosques and churches vie for space in this invocation of religious tolerance and inclusion.

Blast wall art(photo: Roger Hearing/BBC)

The themes are in sharp contrast to the concrete-and-barbed-wire landscape they decorate.

Baghdad's blast wall art
02 Feb 05 |  Middle East

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