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In pictures: Grenada rebuilds
View of St George's
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Five months have passed since Hurricane Ivan lashed the Caribbean, levelling buildings and leaving dozens dead in Grenada and its capital St George's.
Anglican church
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Roofs were simply swept away in the raging winds...
Partially destroyed house
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... and the family that lives here is crammed into the ground floor rooms after the hurricane tore the first floor to shreds.
The Princess Alice district hospital near Grenville, Grenada
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Many medical facilities were also destroyed in the hurricane - such as this hospital.
Cuban electricity engineers work on restoring electricity pylons in Grenada
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Cuban workers have been sent to help restore electricity supplies. Venezuela and Trinidad have also sent help.
Oxfam workers
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These women were employed a week at a time by Oxfam to collect metal debris.
Field of scrap metal
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The scrap metal ends up dumped here, where it will eventually be collected and taken to Trinidad for recycling.
Aid workers
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Meanwhile, other teams deliver fresh corrugated iron for new roofs.
House of Glenis in Harford village, Grenada
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Glenis's home is being rebuilt with the help of members of the Mennonite Church...
House of Glenis in Harford village, Grenada
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... But Glenis voices the fears of many: that another hurricane will come and tear everything down again.


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