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In pictures: 'Hercules' footage
Finger pressing button (AFP/Getty)
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The MoD has refused to comment on the authenticity of the video aired by al-Jazeera, purportedly from insurgents claiming they shot down an RAF Hercules which crashed in Iraq.
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The footage did not show missiles actually hitting a plane, and it was not certain that the wreckage was that of a Hercules C-130.
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Before the video was aired, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon said: "We are aware of reports that the aircraft may have been shot down but we are not in a position to come to any conclusions until the investigation is complete."
Burning wreckage
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Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, the RAF's chief of air staff, said he had "no evidence at all" to dispute or confirm the claims in the video.
Engine wreckage
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A spokesman for al-Jazeera said the video came from a faction of the 1920 Revolution Brigade, a group named after the uprising against the British after World War I.
Wreckage (AFP/Getty)
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Wreckage from the C-130 plane, which is known for its reliability, was spread over a wide area after the plane crashed in fine conditions

Footage purportedly showing the Hercules shot down

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