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News of victory repeats itself
Arrival of the Trafalgar post-chaise
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The New Trafalgar Dispatch arrives in Hounslow, west London, 200 years after the original news of Nelson's victory.
Alex Price hails dignitaries
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Actor Alex Price, as Lieutenant Lapenotiere, is greeted by the town's mayor, Darshan Grewal.
Trafalgar post-chaise
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The post-chaise used has been specially constructed to resemble that used by Lapenotiere in 1805.
Alex Price and shoppers
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Town Centre shoppers hear the "news" of Nelson's victory over Napoleon's fleet at Trafalgar.
New Trafalgar Dispatch brought ashore
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The New Trafalgar Dispatch landed at Falmouth on 4 August (pic - Packet Newspapers). Events followed across England.
Roma Richards unveils plaque
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Lt Lapenotiere's relative, Roma Richards, unveils the Trafalgar Way plaque recording the stop in Hounslow.
Post-chaise and horses
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The postilions - and horses Larry and Bubbles - wait during the ceremony at Trinity Church.
Hounslow girl with flag
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The dispatch ceremony provided a touch of colour for families on a wet autumn morning.
Alex Price's post-chaise leaves
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The post-chaise sets off along a High Street quite unlike that which Lapenotiere saw in 1805.

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