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In pictures: Zhao Ziyang funeral
A mourner holds a flower in front of Babaoshan cemetery, Beijing
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The funeral of Zhao Ziyang took place under tight police control at Babaoshan cemetery in Beijing
Police outside Babaoshan cemetery
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Police guarded the entrance to the compound and many dissidents were kept under house arrest
A protester holds up a picture of Zhao Ziyang outside Babaoshan cemetery
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However, protesters came to the site to express their mourning for the former Communist Party leader
Protesters with a banner reading Ziyang's spirit lives forever, declare war on corruption
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These protesters demand: Ziyang's spirit lives forever, declare war on corruption
A couple is pushed by plain clothes police as they try to mourn Zhao Ziyang
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Some mourners were pushed out of the way by police
Government workers pack away wreaths after the funeral of Zhao Ziyang
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After the funeral the authorities said Zhao Ziyang had made serious mistakes in handling the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square
Zhao Ziyang speaks to students on Tiananmen Square in 1989
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Zhao fell out of favour with the authorities in 1989 after he pleaded with pro-democracy students to halt their protests on Tiananmen Square


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