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In Pictures: Fantasy coffins
Isaac's coffin showroom (Picture: Nicky Barranger)
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Isaac Adjetey Sowah's showroom in a suburb of Accra has some of the most colourful coffins to be found anywhere.
Bible coffin (Picture: Nicky Barranger)
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The Bible coffin is one of his more conventional designs. The snail in the background has been ordered by a snail seller.
Pineapple coffin (Picture: Nicky Barranger)
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In the foreground, a pineapple coffin is in its early stages, but Isaac's workshop produces standard box-like coffins as well.
Hammer coffin (Picture: Nicky Barranger)
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Some clients want to bury their loved ones in something that reflects their trade...
Car coffin (Picture: Nicky Barranger)
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... others want a car to take them to the next world - Mercedes and Cadillac models are popular.
Elephant coffin and pink fish coffin (Picture: Nicky Barranger)
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Among the animal coffins, elephants, hens, crocodiles and lions are available. The pink fish is a spacious option.
Uterus-shaped coffin
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In another showroom, a polished uterus waits to be picked up by a gynaecologist.
Shoe-shaped coffin
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A shoemaker wants to embark on his final journey in a polished black shoe.
Chicken-shaped coffin
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Hen coffins are particularly popular with women, and symbolise a mother-child relationship.
Beer bottle-shaped coffin
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Here, an unrepentant heavy drinker has chosen to be buried inside a beer bottle.


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