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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 January, 2005, 11:02 GMT
In pictures: Aceh schools reopen
Children on their way to school in Banda Aceh, 26 Jan
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Exactly one month after a huge tsunami swept away the life they knew, Aceh's children have returned to school.
Two children cover their noses as they are driven past a mass grave on their way to school in Banda Aceh, 26 January 2005.
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On the way, they passed the rubble of shops and homes still littered with the bodies of those who died.
Pupils arrive at a school in Banda Aceh, 26 Jan
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Many pupils arrived to find their schools had also been badly damaged.
Acehnese students carry chairs during the first day of school in Banda Aceh, 26 January 2005.
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For much of the day, pupils helped to clean up their classrooms.
Rifa Yazira, 9, second from right, talks with an Indonesian soldier at SD Kartika primary school, Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2005
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Some were happy to be back with their friends, and excited to meet soldiers helping in the relief effort.
Marlia, of the Aceh Education Ministry, waits for students outside the SM Pertama Negeri 2 school
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But there was sadness too as teachers waited to see which pupils would not come.
Children in a school in Banda Aceh, 26 Jan
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An estimated 1,700 primary school teachers are dead or missing, and 35% of school-age children in the provincial capital Banda Aceh are thought to have died.
Romi Saputra, 10, right, looks through his school books during class,  Jan. 26, 2005
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Education officials say it is now important for children to get back to some sort of routine after their traumatic experiences.



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