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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 January, 2005, 18:17 GMT
In pictures: Indian stampede
Explosion at the Mandhra Devi temple in Wai
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At a remote Hindu temple in western India, fire and crowd congestion caused a lethal stampede as about 300,000 Hindu pilgrims visited a holy shrine.
Fire rips through a religious goods stall in the temple complex
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Inside the temple, at Wai in the western state of Maharashtra, a suspected electrical fault sparked explosions.
Pilgrims in Wai fleeing the temple complex carrying their belongings
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Amid chaos and panic, thousands of Indians stampeded through narrow streets in an effort to escape.
Bodies are carried away from the temple
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Up to 300 people died and hundreds more were injured as crowds were squeezed into a narrow stairway that became a lethal bottleneck.
A young boy is carried away on a stretcher
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Many women and young children had come to offer sacrifices to the Hindu goddess Mandrha Devi but ended up as victims.
Bodies lined up in the temple
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The temple was transformed from a place of worship into a place of mourning.
Women openly mourn the victims of the stampede
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Instead of enjoying a 24-hour long festival - held on a full moon day - Wai was overcome with grief.
Crowds look on at burning buildings in the temple complex
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On the outskirts of the temple onlookers appeared helpless as buildings continued to smoulder.
A Hindu figure surrounded by bodies
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In the centre, bodies were being recovered amid the figures of Hindu gods.

Scores killed in Indian stampede
25 Jan 05 |  South Asia


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