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In pictures: The Triumph of Painting
Peter Doig's Orange Sunshine
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Charles Saatchi marks 20 years of his London gallery on Wednesday by launching an exhibition of paintings. This is Peter Doig's Orange Sunshine.
Marlene Dumas's The Passion
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Marlene Dumas is another of the artists featured in the exhibition. The Passion features the face of Christ on the cross pressed up against another face.
Jorg Immendorff's Cafe Deutschland
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Jorg Immendorff began Cafe Deutschland (Lift/Tremble/Back) in 1977, continuing it through the 1980s. It is set on the east-west border.
Martin Kippenberger's Einsam? (Lonesome?)
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Martin Kippenberger's Einsam? (Lonesome?) also features. The German multi-media artist died aged just 43 in 1997.
Within, by Luc Tuymans
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Within, by Luc Tuymans, is also in The Triumph of Painting, which opens on Wednesday and runs to 5 June at County Hall, London.

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