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In pictures: Ukraine inauguration
Viktor Yushchenko holds the presidential mace during his inauguration ceremony at the parliament hall in Kiev
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After months of bitter political division and country-wide protests, Ukraine's new president is finally sworn in.
Inauguration ceremony
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Viktor Yushchenko kisses the Ukrainian constitution after taking the oath in parliament.
Supporter of Viktor Yushchenko cheers during a rally to mark his inauguration at the Independence square, Kiev
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It was a moment his supporters thought they might not see after pro-Russian rival Viktor Yanukovych was declared winner in the initial election last November.
Supporters of Viktor Yushchenko watch a direct TV broadcast of his inauguration at the Independence square, Kiev
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Amid claims of fraud, thousands of Yushchenko supporters took to the streets and the so-called Orange Revolution was born.
Viktor Yushchenko in Independence Square
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Mr Yushchenko thanked his supporters in a speech at Independence Square, and declared it "a victory of freedom over tyranny".
Viktor Yushchenko releases a pigeon with an orange ribbon, the campaign colour
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He said it was time for Ukraine to leave behind its Soviet past and move closer to Europe.
Yanukovych supporter burns a newspaper with a photo of Anatoliy Yarema, a member of the Ukrainian Constitutional Court, at a rally in Donetsk, Mr Yanukovych's stronghold
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But with parts of Ukraine still close to Russia, it is perhaps not surprising that Mr Yushchenko's first overseas visit will be to Moscow.

Images of Viktor Yushchenko's inauguration ceremony

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