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In Pictures: Notting Hill's party
Notting Hill Carnival performers
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A performer at the Notting Hill Carnival smiles in the sunshine on Monday as thousands of revellers enjoy dancing, food, steel bands and floats on the main day of the London party.
Float in carnival
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A parade of carnival floats and their dancers begin the traditional route from Ladbroke Grove, winding towards Great Western Road.
Parade dancer
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Many performers wore stunning costumes at the 41st Notting Hill Carnival, which had as its theme "Unity in Diversity".
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Both performers and onlookers danced in the sunshine at the west London event.
Street scene from carnival
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The annual event, run by community-based organisations, is one of Europe's biggest street parties.
Woman in feathers
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A dancer in feathers impresses crowds who line the west London streets.
Police officer and carnival dancer
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A carnival dancer from Trinidad dances with a reluctant police officer as the parade is in full swing. Some 10,000 officers policed the two-day event.
Policeman and samba dancer
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A samba dancer chooses a uniformed dancing partner, to the entertainment of watching crowds.
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People from all over the world heard music from bands, DJs, sound systems and floats.


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