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Hurricane Katrina: Readers' pictures
Picture sent in by Bruce Gilling
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Hurricane Katrina has left a trail of destruction as it heads towards New Orleans to make land a second time. This is the scene after it struck on Thursday at Venetia Island between Miami and Miami beach, photographed by Bruce Gilling.
Picture sent in by Scott Weinkle
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The storm has been downgraded to a category four but forecasters say it could regain power. Scott Weinkle, from Miami, says winds reached up to 80mph (129km/h).
Picture sent in by Anna Marie Windisch
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Coconut Grove in Miami felt the power of Katrina. Anna Marie Windisch took this photo of traffic brought to a standstill after trees were uprooted.
Picture sent in by Anna Marie Windisch
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Power is still out in part of Miami and not expected back until Tuesday, while areas south of Miami are still flooded. (Picture: Anna Marie Windisch)
Picture sent in by Dominique Ferrera
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Dominique Ferrera, of Miami, took this picture. "I do not envy the apartment maintenance workers who will spend who knows how long cleaning up the mess," he said.
Picture sent in by Hurlock
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The normally calm waves off the coast off Sanibel, south west Florida, have been whipped up by the hurricane. (Picture: Hurlock)
Picture sent in by Mick Fournier
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Although Katrina didn't hit Pompano Beach, Florida, head on, Mick Fournier said: "The winds still managed to blow over all the masonry walls on a new house being constructed next door, sending block and plywood everywhere".
Photograph by Charlene Grall
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Charlene Grall, Shenandoah, Miami: "This is the side of my house before we started the clean-up. I am presently on day five of no electricity, but I thank God it was not worse, like those poor souls in the Gulf Coast."
Kevin Harland's picture of damage in Coconut Grove
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Kevin Harland captured the damage in Coconut Grove, Miami.
Picture sent in by Lisa Levet
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Hundreds of thousands of New Orleans residents fled as Hurricane Katrina headed for the city. Lisa Levet boarded up the windows of her house, west of New Orleans.
Picture sent in by Lee Lerner
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Katrina's storm surge washed inland along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, submerging beachside buildings and pushing boats into trees normally several metres above the shoreline. (Picture: Lee Lerner)


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