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In pictures: Hurricane onslaught
Motorists drive on Interstate 10 west as they evacuate ahead of Hurricane Katrina August 28, 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana
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The main roads out of New Orleans were packed on Sunday as residents heeded the mayor's warning to flee the city.
Residents board up properties in the French Quarter of New Orleans, 28 August 2005.
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People barricaded their homes and businesses as Hurricane Katrina approached.
Residents queue to take shelter inside the Superdome
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The 70,000-seat New Orleans Superdome has become a last-resort shelter for those unable to leave the city.
Men prepare sandbags in Morgan City, Louisiana, 28 August 2005
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Experts have been warning of a major storm for years. Mayor Ray Nagin said this was "a once in a lifetime event".
Stricken boat in Gulfport, Louisiana
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The coastal town of Gulfport was hit as the hurricane made landfall on Monday morning.
General view of New Orleans
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As the hurricane drew closer to New Orleans, the city looked bleak and desolate.
People try to shelter in New Orleans' French Quarter
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There are fears that flood defences could be breached, exposing the city's historic French Quarter to a deluge.
Canal Street, New Orleans
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Canal Street was empty except for debris from fallen trees.
Fallen tree in Lacombe, Louisiana
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The effects of the storm have also become apparent in the town of Lacombe.
Flooded road beside Lake Pontchartrain
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Nearby Lake Pontchartrain burst its banks, flooding a road - a sign of Katrina's destructive potential.


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