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In pictures: Yushchenko's road to victory
Opposition supporters massed in front of police lines
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Political turmoil gripped Ukraine after November's presidential run-off election when supporters of opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko took to the streets alleging it was rigged.
Yanukovych supporters demonstrate
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Rival protests backing Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych sprang up in his stronghold of Donetsk. Eastern regions even threatened to secede if Mr Yushchenko became president.
Mr Yushchenko's supporters wave orange balloons in Kiev
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For days orange-clad Yushchenko supporters, spearheading what became known as the Orange revolution, held peaceful protests outside Kiev's parliament, demanding a re-run.
Mr Yushchenko (right)
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Mr Yushchenko, right, filed a court appeal challenging the results, and received broad international support, including from former Polish President Lech Walesa (left).
Anatoly Yarema, the presiding judge of Ukraine's Supreme Court, centre, reads the verdict.
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The election result was annulled by the Supreme Court after four days of deliberations. The judges decided that the second round of voting should be re-run.
Viktor Yushchenko in July (left) and in December (right)
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Meanwhile, after weeks of rumour about his appearance and exhaustive tests, Mr Yushchenko's doctors confirmed he was poisoned with a form of deadly dioxin in 2004.
Man voting
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The 26 December election saw more than 77% of voters cast their ballots - a reflection of how the presidential election gripped the nation.
Viktor Yanukovych
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The electoral commission declared Mr Yushchenko winner of the re-run presidential election and Mr Yanukovych turned to the courts to try to overturn this - but without success.
Victor Yushchenko
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On 19 January 2005, the Supreme Court rejected Mr Yanukovych's final application and declared Viktor Yushchenko the winner and thus Ukraine's new president.


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