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In pictures: Subbuteo over the years

Chelsea Subbuteo figure and ball from the 1980s

Subbuteo was invented by Peter Adolph in the village of Langton Green in Kent in 1947

Langton Green, birthplace of Subbuteo

The game was manufactured in Langton Green until the 1970s

A Subbuteo stand at a games fair - thanks to Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery

It took off after being marketed at hobby and toy fairs

Queens Park Rangers Subbuteo team - thanks to Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery

Inventor Peter Adolph was a big fan of Queens Park Rangers

Beatles figures produced by Subbuteo in the 1960s - thanks to Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery

Peter Adolph created Subbuteo figures of the Beatles during their 1960s heyday

Subbuteo baseball game - thanks to Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery

Subbuteo branched out into rugby, cricket, hockey, angling and baseball games

Selection of Subbuteo figures from the 1980s

By the 1980s Subbuteo figures were available in the kits of hundreds of different teams from around the world

Subbuteo TV commentary and camera gantry

Players could also buy a TV gantry complete with cameraman and commentator

Hand-painted Subbuteo fans

And Subbuteo also produced stands to surround the pitch, with fans to sit in them - which you could paint by hand

Subbuteo police figures from the 1980s

And should the fans get too rowdy the Subbuteo riot police were on hand to deal with them

Subbuteo football manager figures

A Subbuteo manager, complete with sheepskin coat and trilby, could watch over the action

Subbuteo figure scoring a goal

Subbuteo is now viewed by some people as a sport and has its own European and World Championships


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