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Last Updated: Friday, 21 January, 2005, 13:00 GMT
In pictures: Bush inauguration
George Bush with wife, Laura
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George W Bush shares an intimate moment with his wife, Laura, at one of the many balls the couple attended after he was sworn in for his second term as president.
George HW Bush and wife, Barbara
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The president's parents, George HW Bush and Barbara, are captured in light-hearted mood at the Commander-in-Chief ball in Washington DC.
George W Bush with wife Laura and daughter Barbara
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Mr Bush took the oath of office earlier in the day. In his inaugural speech, he said the US would pursue "the expansion of freedom in all the world".
President Bush and daughters
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Speech over, the president leans back and relaxes, watched by daughters Barbara (left) and Jenna.
Dick Cheney, wife Lynne and daughter Mary at swearing-in ceremony
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Vice-President Dick Cheney was sworn in for a second term minutes before President Bush.
View of the US Capitol during the swearing-in of President Bush
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The west side of the US Capitol was filled with guests, wrapped up against the winter chill.
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (left), CIA director Porter Goss (centre) and FBI director Robert Mueller (right)
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Those present included prominent US figures: Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (L), CIA director Porter Goss (C), FBI director Robert Mueller (R)...
Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell
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...Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and incoming and outgoing Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton
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Former presidents were also in attendance - Bill Clinton and his wife, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Protesters hold anti-Bush signs along the route of US President George W Bush's second term inauguration parade
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But in downtown Washington, protesters made their feelings about another four years of a Bush presidency clear.
A Capitol policeman guards the stage
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Thousands of security personnel were on the ground, and anti-aircraft guns and river patrols were deployed.
Seattle rock band protests Bush inauguration
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Protesters made their point across the US. Here, a Seattle rock band depicts the president as a puppet of the devil.
Protest in Tokyo
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There were also protests in other parts of the world, including Tokyo, South Korea and the Philippines.

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