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Iraq prisoner abuse photos
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Photographs shown to a court martial where three soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers faced charges over the ill-treatment of civilian prisoners at a humanitarian aid camp in Iraq, 2003. WARNING: Graphic content
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Twenty-two photos were released by the court martial, some with captions identifying the soldiers.
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The soldier identified as L/Cpl Mark Cooley aims a simulated punch at an Iraqi detainee bound from the waist up in blue netting.
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L/Cpl Cooley drives a fork lift with an Iraqi tied to the front, his upper body bound in netting. The soldier says he was moving the man "out of the sun".
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Two naked Iraqis simulate a sex act while giving the 'thumbs up' sign to the camera.
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The soldiers were accused of abusing looters who were being detained at the camp after attempting to steal powdered milk and food.
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L/Cpl Cooley was charged with the "simulated kicking", for a photograph, of an Iraqi detainee. This charge was dropped during the court martial.
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L/Cpl Darren Larkin stands on an Iraqi, with one foot on his leg and another near his shoulder.
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L/Cpl Darren Larkin admitted one charge of assaulting an unknown man at the camp but denied another charge. The other two soldiers pleaded not guilty.
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Two soldiers were convicted of three and two charges and a third soldier admitted assault.


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